Arnold Politzer, a Practicing attorney for over 42 years says his practice can be summed up in three simple words: Experience, Integrity, and Professionalism. He brings a wealth of experience to the Practice of Law, not only from his legal practice but also his many years of experiance as a Developer, Landlord, Investor, Mortgage Broker and Licensed Real Estate Broker in Maryland and California.

His focus has always been on the needs of his clients, and how he can best use his ability and training to provide them with the best possible legal services and advice. Often called upon to give speeches and seminars before business, peer groups and the general public, Mr. Politzer is not only a practitioner but a student of the law as well. His common sense approach to complex problems often resolves difficult issues quickly and effectively. Using a “hands on” approach in many instances has enabled him to better understand the needs and concerns of his clients and provide effective solutions to their problems.

Though Mr. Politzer has done and accomplished much in his career, his beliefs and goals have never changed, from his first day in practice to the present:

If you are given the gift of a good education, use that education to provide professional and practical help to others.